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Buildings & Facilities


Material cracks or discoloration bring our structural engineers into the field for evaluation and problem assessment. Suspected seepage sends our non-destructive testing (NDT) teams out to do infrared inspections. Surface peeling signals our petrographers to conduct core studies. Ambient vibration causes unique problems that we monitor and analyze, and for which we engineer solutions. CTLGroup-Qatar's maintenance plans and service-life projections keep our buildings and facilities clients in business.

Concrete Testing CTL Group Qatar

The needs of our Buildings & Facilities clients vary considerably. Whether it is a deteriorated structure, leaking basement or a fire damaged facility, we have you all covered. CTLGroup-Qatar expertise consistently brings value to each project, providing innovative and cost effective solutions. Our primary areas of practice include:

  • Building envelope studies, maintenance, rehabilitation & repair programs

  • Design & installation of structural monitoring systems

  • Failure & forensic investigations

  • Nondestructive field testing of structural assemblies & components

  • Strength & service evaluation of existing building structures

  • Development of practical solutions to address structural deficiencies

  • Troubleshooting construction problems & techniques leading to improvements in safety and efficiency

  • Geological & geotechnical considerations

  • Concrete moisture investigations

  • Flooring consulting & testing

  • Green building, infrastructure, pavement & materials practices


CTLGroup’s Buildings & Facilities Practice Group helps clients with complex structural and materials issues affecting:

  • University & education buildings

  • Healthcare & laboratory buildings

  • Municipal buildings

  • Historic buildings & landmarks

  • High-rise commercial & residential buildings

  • Parking garages & structures

  • Stadiums

  • Cultural & religious facilities

  • Manufacturing & industrial plants

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