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Laboratory Facilities


CTLGroup Qatar Facilities spread over 10,000 ft2 and is equipped with state-of-art tools and equipment that enable us to perform a wide range of testing services in cementitious materials, soil, asphalt, chemical admixtures, mortars and construction products. CTLGroup-Qatar’s laboratory has direct access to CTLGroup’s (USA) engineering, architectural, and scientific consultants to provide our clients with a full range of professional services. Such solutions cover petrographic testing, XRD, XRF, Railway testing, post-tensioning cables and many other.

Aggregate Testing
Aggregate Testing CTL Group Qatar
CTLGroup-Qatar conducts aggregate testing that assist customers with assessing the characteristics and quality of aggregates for use in concrete, building, and/or construction in accordance with the Qatar Construction Specifications 2014.
Concrete Testing
Concrete Testing CTL Group Qatar
Stringent quality assurance and quality control procedures provide accurate results engineers can rely on as they consider recommendations, products, and materials to be used for their construction or repair projects.
Chemical Testing
Chemical Testing CTL Group Qatar
CTLGroup-Qatar’s chemical services provide answers to our clients’ complex questions. We can offer clients a single source for complete materials characterization with support from CTLGroup USA’s full range of testing and consulting services, including physical testing.
Asphalt Testing
Asphalt Testing CTL Group Qatar
As an alternative roadway pavement, asphalt can offer excellent performance if proper placement and testing techniques are implemented. Add more text here so it becomes aligned with the picture and text shown on the left size.
Soil Testing
Soil Testing CTL Group Qatar
The foundation of any building or roadway begins with the earth, and correct analysis of soils is essential to ensuring serviceability of any structure. CTLGroup-Qatar is equipped with a variety of tools and instruments to provide our clients with analytic data and solutions relate to soil aspects.
Masonary Testing
Masonary Testing CTL Group Qatar
CTLGroup-Qatar can solve problems involving all masonry materials and systems. Our clients include architects, structural engineers, contractors, facility owners, government agencies and material manufacturers. Our services include inspections and document review as well as historic restorations.
Mortar Testing
Laboratory Doha
CTLGroup-Qatar’s Mortar Testing Lab is equipped to run various ASTM & BS EN tests using modern technology and methods. Our Mortar Testing Lab is the premier place to make sure your materials are the best they can be. Automated machinery ensures the most accurate results every time. Let us know what types of standardized tests or specialized mortar analysis our experienced staff can perform for you.

Learn more about CTL Group (USA) laboratory facilities by clicking here.

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