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Water & Wastewater


CTLGroup-Qatar helps managers, contractors, government agencies and others in the water & wastewater sector by providing condition assessment, failure causation investigation, structural evaluation, materials consulting and repair/rehabilitation consulting. These types of projects often create unique challenges, related access limitations, safety and timing. Drawing upon experience gained from successful execution of hundreds of projects in the USA, CTLGroup-Qatar is well versed in handling such challenges.

Concrete Testing Doha
Replacement or rehabilitation of existing infrastructure often requires considerable monetary resources. Therefore, many incentives exist to maximize the service life of our existing and future infrastructure components. In the past, many owners in the water & wastewater sector have made important decisions related to the disposition of an asset based on consideration of age or overall appearance (if readily visible). However, shortages in monetary resources have served to provide a strong incentive for taking a different approach to asset management. Implementing strategies for prolonging service life and building more sustainable infrastructures have now become a priority.
Like most other civil structures, water and wastewater structures are subject to deterioration with age. However, the mechanism(s) of deterioration can be somewhat different than most structures due to the unique circumstances under which they are constructed and operated. Concrete distress resulting from alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) and delayed ettringite formation (DEF) are examples of atypical deterioration mechanisms that can affect dams and levees. CTLGroup-Qatar’s engineers and material scientists have the experience and resources needed to reliably diagnose these deterioration mechanisms and others, in order to provide clients with the valuable guidance needed to properly manage these important structures. CTLGroup-Qatar has experience with a significant number of water and wastewater structures including:​
  • Dams & Levees

  • Pump Stations

  • Pipes & Tunnels

  • Tanks & Reservoirs

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