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Condition Assessment & Structural Appraisal


By using materials economically, our structural engineering team helps clients and owners assess and rehabilitate structures to maintain stability, strength and durability under any unexpected conditions. This is the essence of structural engineering.

The CTLGroup-Qatar Structural Engineering team has extensive experience in the investigation, evaluation, analysis, and design/repair of structures, structural systems and construction materials. Our projects have ranged from analysis of the most notable structural catastrophes to investigation and repair of common functional and serviceability problems. 

Structural Appraisal Doha
As a structural engineering company, we have experience with all types of structures, including: buildings; bridges; industrial facilities & equipment; transmission & telecommunication towers; machine components & parts; pipelines, pressure vessels and tanks; false work, formwork, shoring and scaffolding; tunnels and subsurface construction; foundations and retaining structures; and steel, concrete, masonry and timber structures. Possible cases that we may cover include:
  • Leaking Basement
  • Old & Deteriorated Structure
  • Cracked Strcutrual Elements
  • Fire-damaged structures
  • Heavily corroded building
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