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CTLGroup-Qatar provides a wide range of laboratory testing services for concrete, cementitious materials, aggregates, building systems, soils, and asphalt.  CTLGroup-Qatar is supplemented by CTLGroup USA for any unique materials or construction challenges. CLTGroup-Qatar can develop specialized testing programs to meet your particular project needs, ranging from routine QA/QC site testing of concrete to structural evaluations of building with repair plans. Our in-house experts provide our clients with data interpretation, translating your testing evaluations into meaningful results.

Condition Assessment Qatar
Condition Assessment & Structural Appraisal

Our specialized engineers help clients design or rehabilitate structures to be stable, strong and durable under all expected conditions. Our team has extensive experience in the investigation, evaluation, analysis, and design/repair of structures, structural systems and construction materials. Our projects have ranged from analysis of the most notable structural catastrophes, to investigation and repair of common functional and serviceability problems.

Material Testing Doha
Construction Material Testing & Characterization

CTLGroup-Qatar provides a full range of construction materials testing services, developing and testing various concrete mix designs to meet requirements for strength, appearance, and durability. We offer both standard and specialized tests of aggregates, admixtures, concrete, curing compounds, all cementitious materials, packaged repair materials and grouts, masonry, sealers or coatings for concrete and reinforcing steel.

Nondestrutive Testing Doha
Non Destructive Testing & Evaluation


Whether you want to detect internal concrete anomalies, measure corrosion rate or identify buried objects within your concrete structural element, we have you covered. Our NDT specialists at CTLGroup- Qatar and CTLGroup USA, take justifiable pride in their ability to tackle the most difficult nondestructive evaluation (NDE) projects. Our NDE team assists owners, designers and contractors with their problems and helps them minimize unnecessary destructive testing.

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Repair Solutions Doha
Repair & Rehabilitation


From our vast exposure to concrete deterioration and previously unsuccessful repairs, CTLGroup-Qatar experts are able to customize evaluation and repair programs to provide the most responsive, cost-effective solutions. Each of our repair projects is unique, with a wide range of performance deficiencies and client needs. We can investigate how a structure was originally designed and built, review repairs made over the life of the structure, analyze/design replacements to simulate obsolete construction materials, and develop repairs to restore the structure.

Concrete Durability Doha
Concrete Durability


CTLGroup is a certified laboratory to provide testing services for input into the STADIUM (Software for Transport and Degradation In Unsaturated Materials)® service life modeling software. The STADIUM® model, which is certified for use in the U.S. Navy's Unified Facilities Guide Specifications, is the latest and most powerful service life prediction solution. The software uses structural, material and environmental inputs to estimate a structure's remaining service life or to verify design life, accurately informing the user of concrete assets.

Concrete Training Qatar
Training & Certifications


CTLGroup-Qatar has developed a range of quality assurance programs and guidelines, in order to make certain our clients receive the highest level of service and expertise. The certifications we have, and the employees who uphold them, are yet another part of our overall quality assurance program and demonstrate our high level of professionalism and commitment to quality. CTLGroup-Qatar has Certified Green-Star Plant Auditors and Truck Inspectors on staff to conduct Ready Mix Concrete Production Facilities Certifications.

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