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Marine Structures


A combination of aging and lack of funding are usually the main two factors that lead to accelerated deterioration of existing infrastructure assets. Today, thousands of marine structures (dams, jetties, ports) are in dire need of rehabilitation to meet current durability design and safety standards. CTL Group-Qatar’s experts have been called on by both public and private owners and managers to help assess the concrete durability and develop repair and maintenance programs that help in extending the life-cycle of those structures as well as developing asset management practices.

Concrete Testing Marine Structures
Marine structures' owners, government officials, engineers, and emergency management professionals need to move towards a risk-based decision-making approach for the design, rehabilitation, and operation of dams. A risk-based approach will enable better utilization of limited funding, and will allow for a better prioritization of projects, by focusing on repairs and operational changes that allow for a better management of these critical assets.
Among our most advanced solutions offered for this sector is service life prediction models using STADIUM Software. STADIUM® is a sophisticated finite element analysis software which reliably predicts concrete degradation kinetics and time before the initiation of reinforcing steel corrosion. Unlike simplistic mathematical models, STADIUM® considers a wide range of physical and chemical phenomena that have a strong influence on long-term performance and overall service life.
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