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Oil & Gas


For the past three decades, CTLGroup USA has successfully completed various projects in the oil and gas sector— mainly assets related to industrial facilities. Our services involved everything from materials consulting to Non-Destructive Testing to design review to structural evaluation and rehabilitation. We have worked on piping, towers and main plant structures. We have also completed evaluation and assessment of refineries, cooling towers, chimneys, sulfur pits and various others. CTLGroup USA and CTLGroup-Qatar, pride themselves on their ability to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to any material or structural issue no matter how complex it may be.

Concrete Testing Oil & Gas Qatar
Industrial facilities operations involve several challenges and concerns including protection from deterioration and the serviceability of its assets. They also encounter the need to address all safety requirements as well as minimizing any discontinuation in operations. Thus, it can become critical for asset owners to handle all of these concerns in a timely manner without affecting the productivity of their facilities.
CTLGroup-Qatar’s focus and experience in structural repair, maintenance, and upgrade of industrial infrastructure makes us the logical choice for demanding industrial projects. Our industrial teams recognize the need to ensure continuing plant operations. Our work is carried out under the highest safety standards while minimizing the impact on critical manufacturing or processing activities.
  • Sulfur Pits

  • Refineries

  • Cooling Towers

  • Silos & Warehouses

  • Chimneys & Coker Drums

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