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One of the most notable things about CTLGroup-Qatar is the fact that we operate under a wide umbrella that covers our numerous capabilities and vast array of professional services. That umbrella is expanding as we continue to expand into new markets and add strategic services to help our clients with both their challenges and opportunities.


Across the construction life-cycle, CTLGroup' experts help define root cause problems and propose repair solutions. Our early involvement in a project allows contractors to work more efficiently, saving time and money. We also lend crucial support to manufacturers in the development and testing of new products. Our engineers, architects, material scientists and technical specialists bring a multi-disciplinary approach to the complex challenges of our clients around the globe.

condition assessment ctl group qatar
Strucrtural Appraisal CTL Group Qatar
Transportation Solutions CTL Group Qatar
Building & Facilities

Material cracks or discoloration bring our structural engineers into the field for evaluation and problem assessment. Suspected seepage sends our non-destructive testing (NDT) teams out to do infrared inspections. Surface peeling signals our petrographers to conduct core studies. Ambient vibration causes unique problems that we monitor, analyze, and  engineer solutions. CTLGroup Qatar's maintenance plans and service-life projections keep our buildings and facilities clients in business

Water & Wastewater

CTLGroup-Qatar helps managers, contractors, government agencies and others in the water & wastewater sector by providing condition assessment, failure causation investigation, structural evaluation, materials consulting and repair/rehabilitation consulting. These types of projects often create unique challenges related access limitations, safety and timing. Drawing upon experience gained from successful execution of hundreds of projects in the USA, CTLGroup-Qatar is well versed in handling such challenges.

Transportation Sector


CTLGroup-Qatar has extensive experience in the structural evaluation and innovative improvement of bridges, tunnels, underpasses and culverts. Our project expertise worldwide encompasses the entire lifecycle of bridges, from design optimization and construction innovation; to construction planning, material testing and troubleshooting during construction; to structural health monitoring; load testing to extreme in-service event analysis; to extending service life and rehabilitation of aging structures.

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Concrete Durability CTL Group Qatar
Marine Structures


A combination of aging and lack of funding are usually the two main factors that lead to accelerated deterioration of existing infrastructure assets. Today, thousands of marine structures (dams, jetties, ports) are in dire need of rehabilitation to meet current durability design and safety standards. CTL Group experts have been called on by both public and private owners and managers to help assess the concrete durability and develop repair and maintenance programs that help in extending the life-cycle of those structures as well as developing the latest asset management practices.

Pavement Testing CTL Group Qatar
Roads & Pavement


CTLGroup-Qatar’s laboratory facilities and pavement engineering staff provide clients with practical solutions for highway construction that maximize efficiency every step of the way. We provide testing and consulting services to concrete suppliers, contractors and transportation agencies on pavement projects nationwide. Combining expert material testing with experienced engineering and consulting services, we address complex issues anywhere in the pavement construction and maintenance cycle.

Industrial Facilities CTL Group Qatar
Oil & Gas


For three decades, CTLGroup USA  has successfully completed various projects in the oil and gas industry. Our services involved everything from materials consulting to design review to structural evaluation and rehabilitation. We have worked on piping, towers and main plant structures. We have also completed evaluation and assessment of refineries, cooling towers, chimneys, sulfur pits among others. CTLGroup USA and CTLGroup-Qatar pride themselves on their ability to provide practical, cost-effective solutions to any material or structural issue no matter how complex it may be.

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