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Concrete Durability - Service Life Prediction


CTLGroup USA is a certified laboratory  providing testing services for input into the STADIUM® (Software for Transport and Degradation in Unsaturated Materials) service life modeling software. The software uses structural, material and environmental inputs to estimate a structure's remaining service life or to verify design life, accurately informing the user of concrete assets.

Service Life Prediction Qatar

The STADIUM® model, is the latest and most powerful service life prediction solution and is certified for use in the U.S. Navy's Unified Facilities Guide Specifications.

CTLGroup-Qatar scientists and engineers are also accredited users of the STADIUM® model, allowing our firm to provide comprehensive, in-house service life modeling services. Our staff uses this new technology in every stage of a structure's life cycle, helping clients make difficult remediation and repair decisions, as well as selecting the optimum concrete mixture for new construction in any environment.
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