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ASTM Training Courses

During the past week, CTLGroup-Qatar was pleased to deliver for the second time in Qatar 2 customized ASTM Training Programs related to concrete. The topics related mainly to concrete industry personnel who were looking for fundamental yet practical concrete knowledge. A total of 35 attendees from different industries attended both courses and participated in both the theoretical and practical sessions.

The first ASTM Course presented on 17 & 18 April at ASHGHAL Training Center, Nejma District, Doha,Qatar was titled "Fundamentals of Concrete". The course combined classroom instruction, lab demonstrations, and hands-on training to help employees meet customer needs. Course topics included an Introduction to Concrete History, Material Selection, Properties of Concrete, Placement & Sampling Procedures, Handling and Curing as well as general concrete fresh property testing.​

The Second ASTM Course was made on 22 & 23 April and focused on enhancing and strengthening the knowledge of attendees on Fresh and Hardened Concrete Testing. This course combined ASTM Standards revision as well as hands-on training to help construction and testing personnel meet QCS testing requirements.

Both sessions were presented by Mr. Mike Caldarone - Principal Engineer for Concrete & Cementitous-based Material at CTLGroup USA - and were made in collaboration with Public Work Authority (ASHGHAL) and American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM). Upon completion of the courses, all attendees performed a written examination and are expected to receive certificates that are accredited from American Society of Testing & Materials (ASTM), Public Works Authority (ASHGHAL) and Qatar Construction Specifications (QCS) if successfully passed the exams.

CTLGroup & ASHGHAL are thankful for all participants in the program. CTLGroup-Qatar is always looking forward to organizing technical training courses related to testing various construction materials, condition assessment & inspection, advanced non-destructive evaluation, and more.

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